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Terrorism as a tool for political objectives

Terrorism as a tool for political objectives
By: Zaheer ud din Babar

Noam Chomsky once said , “Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it.”

It is no open secret that, in South Asia, terrorism is big tool used by a hostile state. There is no doubt that, in an ideal situation, the leadership of third world countries prove their sanity and join hands against poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. However, the current situation is far from ideal. The bad luck of South Asia is that, in the near future, there is no hope for constitutive table talk to discuss and resolve important disputes. Observers say that, in this context, Pakistan’s position is very much clear, and that Islamabad wants peace and harmony with all its neighboring countries including India. Apparently, Islamabad learned from history that, for reliable peace and harmony, cordial relations are important. The dark side of Islamabad’s effort is that there are a lot of hurdles and there is no doubt that there are some external forces that want tension in the region. The basic question is why doesn’t the regional leadership fulfill its responsibilities.

A few days back, the city of lights Karachi was hit by a terrorist attack. If we review the history of Karachi, we should not be surprised by this as this city has suffered extensively due to religious and ethical terrorism. For the past few years, the law and order situation has been a major reason of concern for the residents of Karachi. There is no doubt that the MQM style of politics creates major problems for the city.  Hundreds, if not thousands have lost their lives in Karachi to extremist attacks. Karachi is called the economic hub of Pakistan, but in the past years, uncertainty has badly affected the city. The objective of the latest terrorist attack on Pakistan’s stock exchange is to create mistrust between investor and the government. Baluchistan’s banned terrorist organization wanted to prove, by targeting the stock exchange, that no investment would be secure in Pakistan. An important point to ponder over is how could the banned organization’s terrorists have successfully reached Pakistan’s stock exchange. Some informative sources say that MQM London, banned Sindh nationalist organizations and Baluchistan terrorist groups are involved together in ongoing terrorist activities. There is no doubt that peace is the key role in progress and prosperity of any country.

Here the question is; how much chance is there that, in the near future, the situation of South Asia becomes a symbol of peace and prosperity. Actually, the answer of this question depends upon leader’s vision. Unfortunately, in the shape of BJP, India has one political party which is biased against all minorities. Islam, Pakistan and Muslims are the prominent targets of the extremist BJP government .In the recent past, on the base of border issues, India’s confrontation with China proves that New Delhi doesn’t want a peaceful settlements with its neighbors. In recent days, Nepal and Bangladesh also openly show reservations towards BJP policies. Unfortunately, America and its like-minded countries have still not shown their seriousness or commitment towards peace efforts in South Asia. The ground realities show that America pushes and encourages India to challenge Beijing. To overview the ongoing situation, it is not easy to say that peace in the region will be quickly achieved. The key point of view is that, in international relations, every country prefers their own interest and they have no concern so to how other countries play their responsible role. In this context, it is important that, as a nation, Pakistan should quickly overcome its weaknesses to prove itself as a strong and responsible country.


Zaheer-ud-din Babar is an anchorperson and a columnist. He has served in different newspapers and TV channels. He writes on many national and international issues including the Indian policy towards Pakistan. He is currently an editor in Daily Al-Akhbar and a Senior Anchor in News Point Web Channel. 

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