Monday, 27 September, 2021
China and Russia wants withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan

China and Russia wants withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan
By: Zaheer ud din Babar

An ancient Greek poet Pindar once said that “War is sweet for those who haven’t experienced it

Apparently, the Afghan peace process is still ongoing, during the more or less ongoing uncertain situation, the only hope is the America and Taliban claiming that they firmly believe in a peace deal.  On the other side, the ground realities are that the terrorist attacks can never be halted. 

Almost every day, the law and order situation challenges the Afghan government’s capability to deal with miscreants, with both parties claiming that some forces never want peace in Afghanistan. Apparently, this theory still holds some relevance: that some external and internal forces in Afghanistan never want peace. In other words, the worst law and order situation suits them because then they can fulfill their interests. One point of view is that, after 18 years of war, there is no option but for America and Taliban to end this conflict and to adopt policy of give and take. Another important aspect of this issue is that, in November 2020, the American election will be held.

There is no doubt that, in the current situation, it is difficult to analyse whether or not Donald Trump will once again win or whether Joe Biden will become president of America for the next four years. There is no doubt that Covid 19 has severely hit Trump’s popularity. Observers say that, during the early stage, the American president never understood the disaster of the epidemic. 

Although President Trump has tried to blame China, i.e. Beijing for spreading the corona virus in America, this  strategy has not been successful . The reason is that America is not the sole target of Covid 19;  this epidemic has shown its presence all over the world. The harsh reality is that China itself has suffered due to the corona virus. Beijing has suffered losses in millions of dollars due to the corona virus. The World Health Organization has clearly said that it is a universal epidemic. Another incident which hit the popularity of the American president is George Floyd’s brutal murder. In various American states, the protesters successfully created an impression that it was Trump’s policies which created a hostile environment against the black community. Despite all his difficulties, Trump is trying his best so that, once again, he may become the president of United States.

Political scientist say, that in November 2020, the elections will be a game changer. The reason is that, if Trump wins the presidential election for second term, the American and Taliban agreement will be fruitful but if Trump loses the election, it is quite possible that Joe Biden will halt the Afghan peace deal. From Pakistan’s point of view, it is really important for the the U.S Taliban agreement to proceed and be successful. Pakistan believes that, for lasting peace in Afghanistan and Kabul, the government must represent all ethical groups. One important development is that, in recent years, the majority of South Asian countries want peace in Afghanistan, the reason is that they firmly believe that there is no peace in the region if the civil war goes on in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, India never wants peace in Afghanistan , and New Delhi  believes that, to protect their national interests, the presence of American forces is necessary in the war effected country. That is why the BJP government has invested thousands of dollars for Ashraf Ghani government. Indian policy makers also believe that Taliban are very close to Beijing and Islamabad, that is why there are small chances that if the Afghan Taliban comes in power, Indian interests will be safe from their progression. One powerful factor is that Beijing and Moscow wants American withdrawal from Afghanistan, that is why observers claim that ,sooner or later, the U.S Taliban deal will be successful.  


Zaheer-ud-din Babar is an anchorperson and a columnist. He has served in different newspapers and TV channels. He writes on many national and international issues including the Indian policy towards Pakistan. He is currently an editor in Daily Al-Akhbar and a Senior Anchor in News Point Web Channel. 

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