Monday, 27 September, 2021
A journey from glam to devour happiness

A journey from glam to devour happiness
By: Mehrunisa Qazmi

A little girl with beautiful sparkly eyes wearing pinky pink top is playing out with her friends. She thinks world is beautiful where she adores every single glimpse of nature including humans she uses to be with and she giggles around with her bosom friends and acquaintances. One day among those beautiful people including the mesmerizing natural views fade her beauty away. Because one of them turned as devour. The glam turned things upside down in her life, the way she thought life was no way like she lived. Molestation should be treated as unlawful act as it has turned many lives dead. How dead?? Yes, dead?

Growing up with evil would bring evil unethical, unjust rather intolerant mortals around. You know the girl grew up keeping the views of practicing this thing as common. In this growing age where we are getting busier day by day with our outcome sources. We have stopped filling the gaps we leave with our young stars especially our delicate neuter, yes its female, around whom this society revolves. Doubtlessly, she is most used in the greed of emotions. But many are intentionally participating this cause. That pinky pink topped girl became participant as she took it new trend for life.

While penning down this bitter reality one thing for sure was knocking in my mind as the creature disliked things once upon a time would get able and attracted towards them after a while. Shamelessly, none other than our society, media and discourse plays encouraging role by updating knowledge related to such awful stride. As the schemas generated for those unethical practices would generate an idea of making it their life style. Apart from all this in our religion as Muslims it is not considered as legal practice before getting married. For multiple reasons and researches current world can even prove this why it was forbidden. Yes, it was forbidden for the betterment of humans. It was prohibited for the mental constructivism of neuter. It was banned so that no greed would disallow female to live freely with her decided life style. But unfortunately, where the media, technology has played their active role in spreading awareness over such thing including the creation of an idea of this brute we all know why and for what. I condemn and suggest the permanent diminution of such content. Where we can eliminate at least country bumpkin including certain dishonored acts.

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