Saturday, 08 August, 2020
Unabated Killing of Innocent Kashmiris

Unabated Killing of Innocent Kashmiris
By: Musaib Manzoor Malik

At least 30 innocent Kashmiris have been martyred by Indian armed forces since the beginning of this month alone. Despite, the whole world battling the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indian authorities are continuing their misadventures in Kashmir valley.

Not only are the youth being killed, the houses of civilians are being razed, rendering the inhabitants homeless in these testing times of pandemic. The bodies of the martyred youth are also not being returned to their families for their last rites. They are being silently buried in woods, away from their hometowns. 

Indian machinations are carried out on a multipronged approach, on one hand they are martyring the Kashmiri youth on a regular basis, on other side they are working on a settler colonial agenda. Recently, they brought about some grave changes in the domicile laws in Kashmir valley. Whereby now Indians can obtain the domicile which was otherwise restricted by the articles 370 and 35A, which were scraped by India on August 5, 2019 taking a unilateral decision, without considering the other parties to the conflict i.e., Kashmiri masses and the state of Pakistan.

For how long shall the Kashmiris suffer? Why is the world silent about this, why does no one pay heed to the miseries of Kashmiris? It is high time that the world leaders must ask the Indian government to stop the atrocities against Kashmiris and shall also assist Kashmiris in their just struggle for the cause of right to self-determination, so that the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir can determine their own destiny.


The author is a junior journalist, working on human rights. 

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