Sunday, 24 October, 2021
A critical review of the column “The Youth Challenge” by Muhammad Amir Rana in Dawn News

A critical review of the column “The Youth Challenge” by Muhammad Amir Rana in Dawn News
Muhammad Waqas Khan

Amir rana, a security analyst, writes for the dawn newspaper on national and international topics. His writing depicts the sorrow conditions of different domains of daily life activities in political, religion, societal, national and international arena.

In his article under discussion, he has elaborated on the game played by the powerful elite in politics in our country pakistan. He apprised the readers of their astute chess like tactics to keep the youth of this country at large from politics.

He has shown us the true picture as how they, the powerful elite, whims to maintain the status quo of keeping the politics exclusive to a minority group of people in this country. They, the political elite only whim to keep the power political domestic in order to exploit the masses and to achieve their mischievous goals.

Critical thinking, progressive approach and out of the box ways to solve the problems by the young in politics never has attracted their, the powerful elite, attention since they have no tendency for politics which is based on empowering the masses and giving them their due fundamental rights. Once progressive thinking is allowed, it will ultimately wipeout the obsolete mindset in politics and they played out political nature of this country. This not only will bring young blood in future but it will also shun the coming generations of powerful political elite.

The writer shows us the true picture of powerful elite and their politics as it is only about power and not about rights of masses, actually ruled out voters. To give rights to masses means to make them more powerful and make them aware of their rights. Cognizant citizen of his/her rights will never surrender rights and succumb to any evil and self-interest based policies of powerful elite in the country.

For this purpose, they go to any extent from controlling media and educational campuses to intercept any free and analytical discussion. This way no unique and out of the box thoughts come to the fore. No criticism, no matter how constructive it could be, is let reached to the masses which thus keep the masses ignorant of the bad policies, programmes and initiatives of the government. Citizens never realize the violation of their rights.

Educational campuses are controlled, says the writer, to impede the student unions since once they got emerged, there will be no room for corrupt and status quo type politicians in political arena. The powerful political bigots know the power of students but students are not cognizant of their potential.

The writer has highlighted the gloomy picture of how proper student unions are not allowed in our country’s universities, colleges which ultimately give way to prosper radical religious groups and extremists in a matter of time in the alma maters. The logic of the power elite that student unions can cause violence in educational campuses does not hold waters, says the writer, because there are many organizations which are working for the students, their rights and duties, and to hold them within a fixed line prescribed by the constitution of educational campuses as well by the constitution of the country.

The writer’s argument, that provincial powers and their devolution must take place to quench the student conventional needs, is a good one by the writer. Unless and until devolution of power takes place, the students will always find themselves in dilemma regarding finding their rights in educational campuses, their duties, their roles as a responsible citizens and their role in politics as future leaders.

The writer has clearly depicted the approach of powerful elites and how it gives birth to sundry disturbing trends but the writer has not given suitable suggestions as to how to get rid of the mentioned status quo based politicians and politics. The constructive criticism has been touched to a little extent in this article.

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