Monday, 27 September, 2021
Revised Domicile Laws for Kashmir: Palestine in making

Revised Domicile Laws for Kashmir: Palestine in making
By: Musaib Manzoor Malik

The domicile laws in Jammu & Kashmir have been altered by the Modi regime as part of the Jammu & Kashmir reorganization program which started on Aug 5 last year after the autonomy of the state was scraped.

New domicile rules guarantee a massive demographic shift in the region. The new domicile laws provide eligibility for domicile to non-native central Govt employees who have worked for a period of 15 years in Kashmir, as well as to the outsiders who have studied in Kashmir for a certain period of time. The slum dwellers are also eligible for the domicile according to new laws introduced by the fascist Modi regime with a settler colonial agenda.

A considerable number of outsiders are expected to qualify for domicile status in future and thereby jeobardizing and threatening the rights of resident Kashmiris who fear that it is aimed at bringing a demographic change through settlement of Hindu-nationalist elements.The new domicile law also makes all local Govt jobs available to non-locals including those in police and administration, as well as in the state universities.

The new law is being viewed as a bid to execute the longstanding agenda of Indian Hindu nationalist BJP for the region that began with the scraping of the autonomy of the region. There are widespread fears of conversion of the only Muslim majority state in India into a Hindu majority one. Modi regime is exploiting any and every opportunity and action to dilute the Kashmiris’ right to self determination movement.

Pakistan should continue its diplomatic efforts so as to raise the case of Kashmir and India’s violation of International law before the world community, including the United Nations.

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