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A critical review of column, “Marriage in Islam” by Amin Valliani in Dawn Newspaper

A critical review of column, “Marriage in Islam” by Amin Valliani in Dawn Newspaper
By: Muhammad Waqas Khan

Amin Valliani writes sundry opinions on issues and offers his solutions in connection with religion Islam. He is also an educationist. His devotion to religion has made him write dozens of articles in Dawn Newspaper on multi issues with multidimensional perspectives, their problems and their solutions keeping in mind the keys to solve them and the way given by the religion Islam.

In this article, the writer discusses the institution of marriage as to how it can be made more enjoyable, full of happiness and comfort. The writer, Amin Valliani, also compares the undertaking of marriages in retrospective and current manner. He elaborates on the comparison of recent times and past age, 50 years ago, to give readers a picture as to how times have changed.

Since marriage is the only important event in the life of a person, the writer says, the parents undertake great and extensive research for the most suitable and appropriate companion for their son or daughter. This way no stone is left unturned since a good decision in this way can bring lifetime happiness and a bad decision can devastate the life of a person, says the writer.

The writer says that parents must sleep on the selection of an appropriate groom or bride for their children once they, children, attain a marriageable life.

The writer says how obedient and responsibility level in children has decreased in recent times as compared to old ages. A few decades ago, the writer apprises, there was no concept of love marriage with an exception of very rare cases.

How children would blind trust the choice of their parents regarding marriage was obvious in the 1950s and onwards.

The selection of groom or bride would be solely based on his/her character, behavior, education, morality and upbringing. There was no concept of materialistic things in marriage and the institution was very successful as compared to now.

But nowadays the trend has altogether changed. Instead of behavior, character, education, morality, grooming, and upbringing, parents are found to be looking for earning, beauty, height, age, education, and most of all dowry in case of girls’ selection. This way not only hundreds of thousands of girls got rejected on the basis of these transitory things but it, the ongoing detestable trend in sundry families, has left girls to fall prey to psychological issues.

The parents are being advised to choose the bride or groom on a long-lasting basis like education, character, behavior and most of all to adjust with his/her spouse in difficult times throughout the whole life. Since life is the amalgamation of ups and downs, only resolute ones can sail through the hardships of life along with his/her spouse, the writer says. The adjustable factor in human nature, when it comes to marriage, must not be disregarded.

The emphasis has been put to act according to the teachings of Islam in marrying your son or daughter since Islam is the only religion that tells both parties, husband and wife, to play their collective role in this institution to make it enjoyable, long-lasting and sound down the road. Interdependency is the fundamental part of marriage and it cannot last without it since both human beings have to play their roles.

The parents are being advised to choose the very best companions for their children with thorough search and great patience as all good things to those who wait. A hasty and haphazard selection at all cost be avoided. The hard work, search for a most suitable associate for their children of parents, bears the fruit for both would-be husband and wife in the near and distant future since marriage is a lifelong journey with a person.

The important role of husband and wife is also portrayed by the author via a Hadith of Holy Prophet (S.A.W): Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock. The ruler is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock. A man is the shepherd of his family and is responsible for his flock. A woman is the shepherd of her husband’s household and is responsible for her flock”.

In the end, the importance of a faithful, good character, behavior, human nature resoluteness, and will power has been discussed as to how they play important roles if found in both husband and wife. Life can thus be made beautiful throughout and in all phases of life.

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