Sunday, 05 July, 2020
PM urges world to hold India accountable for human rights abuse
Prime Minister Imran Khan urges the international community to hold India accountable for its human rights abuses in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoK) where women, men and children have faced pellet guns, sexual assault and electrocution, physical and mental torture.
Court directs FIA to register case against Cynthia Ritchie

Turkey planning to set up 2 permanent military bases in Libya
Turkey is reportedly planning to set up two permanent military bases in Libya following the Tripoli government’s operation to retake areas seized by rebel forces under the command of renegade general Khalifa Haftar.
Complete lockdown in some areas of Lahore after midnight
The Punjab government has decided to impose a complete lockdown in some areas of Lahore due to rising coronavirus cases being reported from the provincial capital, confirmed Health Minister Yasmin Rashid on Monday.
Kashmir Solidarity Day

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A scientist who upended a Hong Kong conference with his claim to have created the world's first genetically-edited babies cancelled a fresh talk and was heavily criticised by organisers on Thursday, who labelled him as irresponsible.
Utility Stores Corporation has recorded highest ever sales in the history, claims Umer Lodhi, Managing Director, Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan.
Mubassir Special
MA Jinnah played pivotal role in the awareness struggle on the Palestine issue in the Subcontinent. The Ottoman Empire took part in World War I from side of the Axis Power. This was brought formidable changes in Middle East which was former part of Ottoman Empire.
Political interests still dominant over moral values

A Video Link Meeting on Journalism Issues was held regarding timely solution of serious problems faced by journalists in the international world.In the video link meeting, President,Young Journalists Society International Haji Waqar Yaqub, International Press Organization, Founder and Central President of Jazba Ittihad Union of Journalists Europe Organization,Ikramuddin, Information Secretary, YJSI, Miss Abeer Alwar Advocate
The sons of murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi said on Friday they "forgive" the killers of their father, an announcement analysts said effectively grants clemency to five convicted people on death row.
Media has conceived the world a global village. The current era is considered to be the era of media since it is perceived as the 4th de facto pillar of any state.
Amin Valliani writes sundry opinions on issues and offers his solutions in connection with religion Islam. He is also an educationist.
The domicile laws in Jammu & Kashmir have been altered by the Modi regime as part of the Jammu & Kashmir reorganization program which started on Aug 5 last year after the autonomy of the state was scraped.

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