Monday, 21 September, 2020
Pakistani included in top 40 analytical scientists

Pakistani included in top 40 analytical scientists

A Pakistani scientist, Dr. Muhammad Farooq Wahab, has been included in the 2018 Power List of a British magazine, The Analytical Scientist. The list contains names of 40 young scientists whose accomplishments have made waves in analytical sciences.

Dr. Farooq, who is the son of the late Dr. Abdul Wahab, former vice chancellor of the University of Karachi, is currently working as a research engineering scientist in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Texas in Arlington, United States of America (USA).

One of the proposers of Dr. Farooq for the list remarked, “He is a brilliant young research scientist – few have his ability to formulate experiments to better understand chromatography and separation science”.

According to the magazine, the young Pakistani scientist achieved the world’s fastest separations in 0.5-1 cm homemade columns and developed ‘peak processing’ mathematics that allows chromatographers to operate columns above their peak-capacity, reducing long separations to a few seconds with intact quantitative information even when peaks partially overlap.

Dr. Farooq did his Masters in chemistry from the University of Karachi winning five gold medals. He later obtained his Ph.D from the University of Alberta in Canada and has been working at the University of Texas for the last several years.

This 2018 Power List has been published by The Analytical Scientist in its October 2018 edition. The 40 analytical scientists in the list were selected from all over the world, including USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Luxembourg.

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