Sunday, 24 October, 2021
Appointment of COMSATS university full-time rector was kept on delaying: Fawad Chauhdry

Appointment of COMSATS university full-time rector was kept on delaying: Fawad Chauhdry
COMSATS University, Islamabad: File Photo

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Hussain Chaudhry, who is pro-chancellor of the university as well, has requested President Arif Alvi to replace Dr. Raheel Qamar, who is holding the charge in violation of rules.

The minister, in a memo to President Alvi stated that delay in the appointment of a permanent rector and continuation of the interim charge beyond the specified period had created many issues besides causing serious legal implications which could be challenged in court.

The minister also proposed three senior faculty members: Dr. Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Sohail Ghani and Dr. Asad Hussain for picking one of them for the temporary charge of the rector.

The letter maintained that in March 2017, the position of rector fell vacant in the university. The interim charge was assigned to the senior-most professor at that time, Dr. Raheel Qamar. It was intended that within the prescribed period of six months, a permanent rector would be in place in accordance with para 15 of Employees Service Statues 2009, which says the interim charge can only be given for six months only.

The minister's letter claimed that first meeting of the university senate could not be held until April 2019 and appointment of the full-time rector was kept on delaying for one reason or the other. Also, the minister claimed that the university senate formally constituted a search committee for the appointment of the full-time rector but it could not finalise its recommendations because of the so-called technical issues involved in the selection process of the rector.

Moreover,the Academic Staff Association (ASA) of COMSATS University staged a protest against ad-hocism and observed a black day on all the seven campuses of the Comsats university, which has over 35000 students. 

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