Friday, 23 August, 2019
Woman drowned in 2017 found alive on the same beach 18 months later

Woman drowned in 2017 found alive on the same beach 18 months later

An Indonesian family has been left shocked after a relative they watched being swept away by the sea waves found alive on the same beach 18 months later.

According to media reports, Nining Sunarsih, 53, was presumed dead by authorities when she was washed away by a large wave in West Java in January last year. Police gave up searching for Sunarsih after several days but never managed to locate her body, leading her family to hope that she was still alive.

On Saturday (June 30,2018), her family was reported to have said that they went back to the same beach after her father began having mysterious dreams and found her lying unconscious on the sand, wearing the same clothes as on the day she vanished.

Sunarsih was on holiday with her family at Citepus Beach in Sukabumi, bathing in the ocean when a large wave came and swept her out to sea as her sister and grandson watched on, helpless.

Police eventually gave up the search after several days with no sign of life, but her family always believed she would return, said reports.

Sunarsih has since been taken to hospital where doctors say her vital signs are stable and she is expected to make a full recovery.

18 months later, on Saturday , Sunarsih's relatives returned to the same beach where she vanished after her father had repeated dreams that she was waiting for them there.

The family began searching on Friday evening and at first were unsuccessful, but they miraculously discovered her unconscious around 500m (1,600ft) from where she disappeared, and wearing the same clothes she vanished in. She was discovered by her sister - who was one of the people who had watched her disappear.

Her family took her home and called medics, who confirmed that she had no major injuries. She has since regained consciousness and has been able to eat and drink, but is so far unable to talk - meaning nobody has been able to question her about what happened and where she has been.

Police have opened an investigation into the incident, but are urging people to 'think logically' about the disappearance and not jump to conclusions.

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