Thursday, 09 July, 2020
60 ants removed from 11-year-old girl's eye in India

60 ants removed from 11-year-old girl's eye in India

A minor girl has left Indian doctors perplexed after at least 60 ants were found in her eye, The Sun reported.

The dead ants were taken out from the 11-year-old Ashwini’s eye, as the medical experts struggled to draw conclusions to get to the bottom of the case.

It first came to the fore when the girl complained to her parents about feeling something in her eyes. The parents checked Ashwini and found an eye underneath her eyelid.

They thought the insect landed in the girl’s eye when she was sleeping. However, Ashwini had to be rushed to a hospital as the problem persisted.

While eye drops were prescribed to treat the ‘irritation’, nearly a dozen ants were still found in her eyes on a daily basis, totaling up to 60 in a matter of just 10 days.

According to doctors, they are trying to understand the case to get to the core of it and be able to provide relief to the girl.

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