Monday, 03 August, 2020
Anti-Netanyahu protesters violently attacked as thousands rally against Israeli PM again
Protesters taking to streets against Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been violently attacked as revolt is building up against rampant corruption in the Tel Aviv regime and its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
Sons of murdered Saudi journalist Khashoggi 'forgive' killers

Journalists are performing their best on the occasion of global epidemic
A Video Link Meeting on Journalism Issues was held regarding timely solution of serious problems faced by journalists in the international world.In the video link meeting, President,Young Journalists Society International Haji Waqar Yaqub, International Press Organization, Founder and Central President of Jazba Ittihad Union of Journalists Europe Organization,Ikramuddin, Information Secretary, YJSI, Miss Abeer Alwar Advocate
Pompeo in Israel to talk annexation as Palestinian rage boils over
The US secretary of state is in the Israeli-occupied territories to discuss Tel Aviv’s plan to annex Palestinian land under a controversial plan by US President Donald Trump, among other topics.
US pulling Patriot missiles from Saudi oil facilities
The United States is pulling its Patriot missile systems from Saudi soil as part of broader curbs on its military support for the Arab kingdom, a report says. Citing unnamed US officials, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that four Patriot surface-to-air missile batteries and dozens of military personnel will be removed from Saudi oil facilities.
WHO issues fresh guidelines as countries ease lockdown
As the coronavirus began to spread around the world, a global shortage of masks and other protective equipment emerged, especially for frontline medical staff. How those supplies are used is crucial, experts say. Based on current evidence, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19,
Worldwide virus deaths top 256,000
The global death toll from the coronavirus pandemic topped a quarter of a million on Tuesday, with the US government predicting a further surge in fatalities as an international vaccine drive garnered $8 billion in pledges.
Smokers ‘four times less likely’ to contract Covid-19: report
Front line health workers and patients in France may be given nicotine patches after studies found that four times fewer smokers contracted Covid-19 than non-smokers, The Telegraph reported.
‘Iran will target US bases with missiles if it faces security threat: Senior official
A senior Iranian official has warned that the country will launch missile strikes on American bases in the region if its national security is endangered, downplaying a recent US threat of naval action as “mere propaganda.”
China says Indian criticism of coronavirus test kits is 'irresponsible'
China has criticised India’s decision to stop using Chinese testing kits for the novel coronavirus because of quality issues as unfair and irresponsible in the latest strain in their ties.
UK PM Johnson stable after second night in intensive care battling COVID-19
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spent a second night in intensive care and was in a stable condition after receiving oxygen support for COVID-19 complications while his foreign minister directs the country’s battle against the outbreak
Iran fights coronavirus outbreak
Since the outbreak of the new Corona virus in China, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been predicting that the virus will reach Iran as well, given the severity of the outbreak and its spread.
Over 100 democratic congressmen oppose Trump’s deal of the century
Over a hundred democratic members of the US House of Representatives express strong disapproval at President Donald Trump’s plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
US special envoy in Kabul for peace talks
The US special envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad is leading negotiations with the Taliban was in Kabul, an official confirmed media outlets, in an apparent renewed push for talks on an agreement with the militants.
Ex-US President urge UN to stop Israel from annexing Palestine land
Former US President Jimmy Carter urged the United Nations to stop Israel from annexing Palestinian land.
4515 coronavirus cases reported in China
The Chinese authorities have confirmed that 4515 cases of coronavirus are reported in the country. Out of which 60 patients are cured from the disease while 106 died due to the epidemic disease.
Regional dialogue can deliver peace: Iranian diplomat
A senior Iranian diplomat on Monday suggested an “inclusive and comprehensive intra-regional dialogue” as the way out of the current crisis in the Middle East and said that Tehran would encourage Pakistan to continue its efforts for defusing tensions.
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The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has requested the Supreme Court (SC) to set timelines for the appellate forums, granting stay against the proceedings of Accountability Courts that hampers the progress of trials.
Our globe is transforming gradually the way a tiny leave bud grows a tree. Gradual is associated with the changes that are sudden, drastic, hard, and severe turned as abnormal.
Barrister Mirza Shahzad Akbar has been promoted to a federal minister position after the Cabinet Division in a statement issued Wednesday announced his appointment as the Adviser on Accountability and Interior with immediate effect.
China says the United States government has “abruptly” informed Beijing that it has to close its consulate in the Texan city of Houston, calling Washington's decision “political provocation.”

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Our globe is transforming gradually the way a tiny leave bud grows a tree. Gradual is associated with the changes that are sudden, drastic, hard, and severe turned as abnormal.
Media has conceived the world a global village. The current era is considered to be the era of media since it is perceived as the 4th de facto pillar of any state.
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