Monday, 06 April, 2020
Human beings still need God
Zaheer ud din Babar
The impact of the corona virus is being felt worldwide. In Pakistan, this epidemic has vastly impacted Pakistan’s social, economic and political landscape.

Only Indian civil society stopped Modi
Zaheer-ud-din Babar
There is no doubt that the BJP is reshaping India’s ideology. Modi and his companions want to convert India into an extremist Hindu state.
The ‘deal of the century’
Shireen Mazari
Despite its often pretentious moralistic language, a careful reading of the Trump Plan for Palestine and Israel is nothing short of creating for the Palestinian people Bantu homelands that had been created for black South Africans to bolster Apartheid.
A praetorian state?
Zahid Hussain
It is not unusual in Pakistan for the military’s spokesman to opine on everything from security to foreign and domestic affairs.
Occupied Kashmir's youngest pellet gun victim could lose complete sight
Rifat Fareed
Hiba Nisar is a toddler determined to play with her tricycle as her mother, Mursala Jan, struggles to keep the child from racing out onto the lawn.
Iqbal and the Liberation of the Muslim Mind
Zafar Bangash
Allama Muhammad Iqbal (aka Iqbal Lahori in Iran) was one of the greatest Muslim thinkers of the 20th century. Born into a very modest family in Sialkot on November 8, 1877 (under British colonial rule at the time), he was a gifted child and brilliant student, winning top marks at university.
The 100-day song and dance
Khurram Husain
There is nothing sacrosanct about the 100-day timeline, and no government should be expected to deliver policy outcomes in that time period, unless the policy outcomes are of a terribly minor nature. It is unclear what exactly the 100-day promise was now; the PTI government disavowed its own plan for its first 100 days almost immediately upon coming into power, after having basked in the kudos for having had a 100-day plan in the first place.
The Transformative Power of the Sirah
Zafar Bangash
The noble Messenger (pbuh) was sent not only to inform but also to transform errant humanity by bringing it out of darkness and into light (65:11).
Khan’s finest hour
Khurram Husain
Last night was a rare spectacle. For far too long we have watched our country’s leadership quake at the knees when confronting the forces of bigotry and hatred.
What’s the deal?
Zahid Hussain
When Imran Khan returned home last week with a handout of $6 billion from Saudi Arabia, he boasted that he would mediate (between the latter country and Iran) to end the war in Yemen.
Yemen still invisible as Khashoggi murder comes to light
Natacha Yazbeck
The murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has triggered a diplomatic and public relations crisis for Saudi Arabia, but little may change for the victims of the Yemen war.
Ugly face of BJP-ruled India
Munir Akram
India's concocted reasons for cancelling the foreign ministers meeting in New York, rather than revealing Imran Khan’s “true face”, as the external affairs ministry statement asserted, exposed the ugly face of India’s BJP-RSS regime.
Beacon of hope
Qasim A. Moini
Despite Islam’s lofty ideals, in many Muslim societies, including Pakistan, we often fail to see these beliefs put into practice.
Between hope and hype
Khurram Husain
The only question now is this: when does the work begin? At some point, the optics must end and the policy must begin. One is waiting for that moment when one sees key members of the cabinet beginning to gel together as a team, when the language of the prime minister and his spokesman moves away from today’s little stunt to tomorrow’s big vision. The address to the nation may have been a starting point (at best), but by now we need to know the path forward. Thus far, there is nothing on that front.
Inside the new Assembly
Zahid Hussain
It is a mixed house of old lineage and fresh entrants in the game. On Monday, the front row of the treasury benches of the newly installed National Assembly illustrated the shifting power dynamics.
Welcome, Imran Khan
Murtaza Shibli
Ghulam Nabi Ganai, a 67-year-old retired executive engineer, is elated about Imran Khan’s victory.
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The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has developed a databank of the online courses available at the national and international level and shared it with universities, while the university faculty has also been asked to prepare virtual courses for dissemination to students.
Intensive measures are required to improve the quality of higher education so that the graduates are skilled enough for employability.
Pakistan needs to enhance primary healthcare to improve the poor health statistics. This was stated by Dr. Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health.
Since the outbreak of the new Corona virus in China, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been predicting that the virus will reach Iran as well, given the severity of the outbreak and its spread.

Latest News
The month of December reminds us of tragic incidents ever happened in the history of Pakistan, either it is Fall of Dhakka, or Army Public School, (APS) Peshawar carnage.
America’s fingerprints are all over the war in Yemen, the New York Times said on Wednesday.
Torn between preventing Pakistan from going nuclear and fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, the United States appears to have decided that pushing the Russians out of Kabul was more important, shows a set of documents released by the US State Department.

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