Monday, 27 September, 2021
New political order
By :Zaheer ud din Babar
Pakistan and Saudi Arabia’s relations seem to be in a difficult mood. The basic reason is that, a few days ago, the foreign minister Shah Mahmud Qureshi in a TV interview, criticized Saudi Arabia about their stance in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) on the Kashmir issue.

Emotional health; an ignored issue!
Sehrish Khan
World Mental Health Day is a day for worldwide mental health awareness, education and advocacy. It is observed on 10 October every year, with the general goal of bringi
Special Css Exam Is UN-Constitutional
By: Syed Rameez ul Hassan
The Prime Minister of Pakistan seems willing to conduct a “Special CSS Exam” as reiterated by the government yesterday. It was announced, earlier this year that the “
Provincial Status For Gilgat Baltistan
By: Syed Rameez ul Hassan
Gilgit-Baltistan had anxiously been demanded to be made a part of Pakistan as did the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It was on the 1st of November 1947, when the people of Gilgit-Baltistan officially
What is Ghadeer? Should it be celebrated as “Eid”?
By: Syed Rameez ul Hassan
Eid is an event celebrated among Muslims to mark the immense happiness being attained on two accounts: (1) Successful completion of Ramadan (2) The sacrifice of significant importance, which strengthened the base of Islam.
Reshaping of South Asia
By: Zaheer ud din Babar
Apparently, it is true that CPEC is an important political and economic project for Pakistan. Islamabad desperately needs to overcome all of its major issues. Some circles claim that, due to Corona, the One Road One Belt project is a little bit slowed down, but the overall CPEC is going according to the plan.
Tahafuz-e-Buniyad-e-Islam Bill 2020, Facts and the Controversies
By: Syed Rameez ul Hassan
Tahafuz-e-Buniyad-e-Islam Bill 2020 was passed by the Punjab Assembly on 22nd July 2020 hurriedly without even waiting for the proper quorum (As required by the law).
China-US tensions heading to?
By: Saqib Akbar
There is no doubt at international level that China-US tensions are progressing. Some analysts believe that the US ruling leadership needs these tensions till next election.
China and Russia wants withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan
By: Zaheer ud din Babar
Apparently, the Afghan peace process is still ongoing, during the more or less ongoing uncertain situation, the only hope is the America and Taliban claiming that they firmly believe in a peace deal.
Impact of Lockdown on Education
By: Arooj baig
As we know the outbreak of Corona pandemic (Covid-19) has caused to cease the whole world and suspended all important operations of the life that are mandatory for a living person ranging from airlines, public transportation, malls, corporate businesses, and educational institutes.
Relief for Media
By: Syed Tayyab Afzal Shah
Media these days is facing a lot of challenges due to the current scenario of COVID-19. The relief should also be given to media persons by the channels and there has been a delay in the wages.
Terrorism as a tool for political objectives
By: Zaheer ud din Babar
It is no open secret that, in South Asia, terrorism is big tool used by a hostile state. There is no doubt that, in an ideal situation, the leadership of third world countries prove their sanity and join hands against poverty, unemployment and illiteracy.
Declining terrorism in Pakistan
By: Zaheer-ud-din Babar
The incident in South Waziristan where one captain and one solider embraced martyrdom is another tragic incident. The regular occurrences of these tragic events indicate that the extremist groups are still enjoying some sort of support.
COVID-19 Lock down: Crisis, or a blessing in Disguise?
By: Faizan Sheikh
The COVID-19 lock down has been a misfortune but it is providing positive outcomes for Pakistani Universities like The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.
Escalating China India border conflict
By: Zaheer ud din Babar
The China-India border dispute has still not been settled, and though the ground realities show that the two parties claim that, sooner or later, the negations will be fruitful, the fact is that no party has completely withdrawn or compromise on their point of view.
Terrorism under Covid-19
Muhammad Amir Rana
While the world continues its struggle against the pandemic, nations and organisations are also evaluating its human, economic and socio-psychological costs. The security threat matrix is increasingly being oriented around the perils of the virus, placing less focus on other non-traditional security challenges.
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A little girl with beautiful sparkly eyes wearing pinky pink top is playing out with her friends. She thinks world is beautiful where she adores every single glimpse of nature including humans she uses to be with and she giggles around with her bosom friends and acquaintances.
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A little girl with beautiful sparkly eyes wearing pinky pink top is playing out with her friends. She thinks world is beautiful where she adores every single glimpse of nature including humans she uses to be with and she giggles around with her bosom friends and acquaintances.
Our globe is transforming gradually the way a tiny leave bud grows a tree. Gradual is associated with the changes that are sudden, drastic, hard, and severe turned as abnormal.
Media has conceived the world a global village. The current era is considered to be the era of media since it is perceived as the 4th de facto pillar of any state.

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