Monday, 06 April, 2020
US responsible for Yemen disaster: NYT
America’s fingerprints are all over the war in Yemen, the New York Times said on Wednesday.
Afghan war helped Pakistan keep nuclear option: US papers

A generation of Rohingya may be lost: Group
A group advocating the cause of the persecuted Rohingya Muslims says a generation of the Muslims may be lost due to a lack of education for children and the youth at camps for the displaced in Bangladesh and Myanmar.
‘With strong faith in Allah, resistance movement winning’: Khamenei
“Islamic awakening is spreading and with strong faith in Allah, the Resistance movement is winning,’ Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei has said.
We will never surrender: Hizb Commander Riyaz Naikoo talks to Aljazeera
Riyaz Naikoo is one of the most wanted armed Kashmiri fighters with a bounty of 12 lakh (approximately $170,00) on his head.
‘85,000 Yemeni kids may have died of hunger amid Saudi war’
A UK-based charity says more than 84,700 children under the age of five may have starved to death in Yemen since the Saudi regime and a coalition of its allies launched a brutal war on the already-impoverished nation over three years ago.
Mufti Rafi Usmani’s open letter : Allah’s law flawless, witnesses and adjudicators can err
Religious scholar Mufti Rafi Usmani has said Aasia Bibi’s departure from Pakistan before the Supreme Court verdict on the review petition will result in a mayhem across the country.
Aasia Bibi case: Justice Asif Saeed Khosa's additional note
The Supreme Court Wednesday overturned the conviction of Aasia Bibi, a Christian mother facing execution for blasphemy, in a landmark case which has incited deadly violence and reached as far as the Vatican.
Yemen forsaken
JAMAL Khashoggi’s monstrous murder has sparked a global debate about Saudi Arabia, with particular focus on how its de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, deals with dissent.
Saudi dissidents fear ‘long arm’ of state after Khashoggi’s murder
The murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has sent a chill through exiled dissidents, with many revealing discreet government attempts to lure them to their embassies as an apparent “trap” to return them to the kingdom.
Saudi admission over critic´s killing shields crown prince
Saudi Arabia´s admission -- after emphatic denials -- over the killing of critic Jamal Khashoggi is aimed at shifting the responsibility away from the powerful crown prince, whose position so far appears unshaken, analysts say.
Saudi looking for bin Salman replacement: Report
Having found Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s antics too costly for its already stained reputation, Saudi Arabia’s ruling family is looking to replace the young prince with his less ambitious brother, Khalid, a new report suggests.
Letter by martyred Kashmiri PhD scholar Mannan Wani on why he chose to pick up gun
The 26-year-old research scholar in Applied Geology from Aligarh Muslim University, Dr Mannan Wani from occupied Kashmir, rose to prominence for the first time through an open letter on 16th of July, this year, to write about illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir by India.
95% of sectarian violence worldwide focused on Shias only, reveals report
Ninety five per cent of sectarian violence all over the world in 2017 was focused on the Shia community, according to a report released by Global Extremism Monitor.
Indo-US joint statement ‘inconsistent with diplomatic norms’
Taking an exception to the unwarranted references against Pakistan in the Indo-US joint statement, the Foreign Office on Thursday said mentioning a third country with unsubstantiated accusations in a formal outcome document was inconsistent with the established diplomatic norms.
Pakistan Army has reversed Great Game: report
A leading British security think tank has assessed that for the first time in 200 years, Pakistan Army has abandoned the British raj policy of confronting Russia for control over Central Asia – and Pakistan’s army now sees the Russians as their strategic partners.
Rows, resignations underscore Afghanistan’s security crisis
A public row that saw two top security officials trade recriminations live on television has sharply highlighted the divisions undermining Afghanistan’s Western-backed government, even as insurgents have stepped up pressure on the battlefield.
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The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has developed a databank of the online courses available at the national and international level and shared it with universities, while the university faculty has also been asked to prepare virtual courses for dissemination to students.
Intensive measures are required to improve the quality of higher education so that the graduates are skilled enough for employability.
Pakistan needs to enhance primary healthcare to improve the poor health statistics. This was stated by Dr. Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health.
Since the outbreak of the new Corona virus in China, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been predicting that the virus will reach Iran as well, given the severity of the outbreak and its spread.

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The month of December reminds us of tragic incidents ever happened in the history of Pakistan, either it is Fall of Dhakka, or Army Public School, (APS) Peshawar carnage.
America’s fingerprints are all over the war in Yemen, the New York Times said on Wednesday.
Torn between preventing Pakistan from going nuclear and fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, the United States appears to have decided that pushing the Russians out of Kabul was more important, shows a set of documents released by the US State Department.

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